Saturday, January 4, 2014

One of those scary adult things

So I've always had a lot of moles on my body, never really gave it a thought to tell you the truth. They were just there, but as you get older people start telling you all these scary things that your moles can do. Grow hair, change shape, change color. And then they tell you that if those things are happening that you probably have cancer.

I'm a firm believer that pretty much any and everything is going to end up giving me cancer anymore so I never really worried about it. That is until this.

Excuse the quality it is just a webcam photo but the mark that I am pointing at has been itching like crazy for month and won't go away. Seriously I have no idea if it even is a mole that is how many I have on my body too many to really keep tack of. Am I supposed to get like a mole journal now?

I don't know, I just know that I'm getting a doctors opinion on it because frankly having cancer scares the shit out of me. They say if you catch it early it's better for you and all that. But really I'm just hoping they laugh at me and say its like a spider egg or something like that.

Guess we will see!

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