Sunday, January 12, 2014

365 photo project

So I've been sad sack sleeping in my bed all depressed for a bit, never a fun place to be let me tell you. Have my meds upped so hopefully that will help me out with something, but in the meantime I decided that I needed something to motivate me to get up and do things.

So my tumblr, , is turning into that with the picture a day for a year or 365 days.

Some people just take pics of themselves and I might do that as well, but I kinda want it to be like a mini diary into my life. Like something that you can look at with very few words and maybe get something out of.

At the very least it is a reason for me to get up and out of bed to do something everyday instead of wasting away alone and depressed.

I'm done with that life and I need to get better at just being better.

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