Sunday, August 24, 2014

Summer is officially over at this house.

School is starting tomorrow. In some ways I am happy but this year is going to be supper sad for me. My last little one is going into the school system. I think it is going to be harder on me as a mother than it will be for him to go and do it.

But with the kids out of the house for a bit I will be able to work on so many things. Art, organization, youtube videos, and having a little me time for once in my life.

I'm kinda looking forward to that part of it all. But the silence in the house is going to be insane for a little while. But I guess I will just have to get used to it all.

Look forward to many posts, updates, videos, art, and showing off that I actually can clean when I'm not being stopped every 15 minutes to break up fights, help get snacks or drinks, and the many other things that kids request.

Sure I will still have to run the zoo, but the chickens, rabbits, dog, and cats don't normally stop me in the middle of something for a cuddle to watch a 2 hour movie.