Friday, October 28, 2011

Overdramatic Kids

My kids had to get some shots this week so they could continue to go to school, now I knew this would be an ordeal but I figured that if I kept telling them they couldn’t go to school it would help. My boys still love school so for now that works. As we got closer to the big day however convincing them was growing harder.

Didn’t help much that on the day that we were supposed to do it the waiting period was going to be an hour long. I don’t really mind waiting that much but an hour is a bit much when I have dinner I need to get onto the table and kids that are already working themselves up as if it were the end of the world. So I gracefully bowed out of that one, and the kids acted as if they had won some kind of victory in a competition that I didn’t even know we were having. In their minds it was Mom – 0 Kids – 1.

However the next day it was going to happen no matter how long I had to wait, I needed to even the score after all! The drive there was uneventful I have a little suspicion that they were hoping that another repeat of the previous day was in store. But upon walking into an empty waiting room I could see both of their hopes sinking.

James was a trooper and told me he wouldn’t be scared, as long as I covered his eyes for him that is. William on the other hand was in complete meltdown mode, shots have this effect on him. I hadn’t even signed into the office and I could see the tears swimming in his eyes. This is heartbreaking, but I know that they will actually be okay in the end.

“I wish I was 18, because if I was I would steal your car and drive away!” This is Will as he is waiting for his name to be called. James and Eddie on the other hand are playing with toys and acting as if nothing is going on. I am then treated to a monologue of epic proportions about how miserable his life is, how he is going to feel this shot for 200 days after getting it and of course this is all my fault! He would rather never set foot in school again, just because of one shot.

Names are called and we all head towards the room, some of us dragging our feet more than others. The wait while they get the shots ready was amazing. It went a little something like this:

“My life is the most miserable life ever!”
“I wish shots were never invented”

It only got better when they came back with the shots, James was a brave solider, volunteered to go first, and while he did say Ouch a few times while getting the shot he didn’t make such a big deal about it. I had to hold William down, literally putting almost all of my weight on him so he would jerk his arm away. As he was getting the shot he was yelling “It feels like you are stabbing me with a sword!” I had no idea my child had ever been stabbed by a sword, aside from in video games that is.

The best part however was on the ride home. William made sure his opinion on shots was well known.

“I feel like I’ve been shot with a shotgun.”

I also had no idea that a shot was comparable to a shot gun wound, or that my son has any idea of what a shot gun blast felt like. I feel so educated about these things now!