Monday, March 24, 2014

This is how we share in the house!

Kids went to the fair last night, or at least the older ones did. I kinda regret not taking them myself, a more than kind neighbor lent a hand and took my older kids. She always seems to help me out. I think my new goal is to start inviting myself along to do these things. I get less regret and if I do have a panic attack I have faith that the medicine will hold me.
Finally got my shoes in from Wal-Mart so I am going to start tracking my weight loss goals on this blog as well. Just need to get some things set up and then figure out when I want to post these things. Also if you want to cheer me along leave a comment, or if your willing maybe we could become over the internet buds in losing weight? That sounds desperate but hey what can you do.
I'm starting to draw again, the colored page was just something that I was doodling while watching someone play the video game Silent Hill downpour online. Yes I do enjoy watching other people play games because lets face it there are tons of games, but not enough money so watching is sometimes a nice option when I don't just have to have it. The other side is a sketch or the start of a sketch really of a possum. I think they are totally cute. Going to keep flexing that art muscle, also have an art channel in mind for my youtube. Just have to get some better equipment or make what I have work.
Not sure if I am going to do VEDA because I am very shy, but I really want to. VEDA is Vlog everyday in April. It could get my used to it and would push forward my goals of putting my kids on vlogs more often. We will see. So that is all for me right now, hope everything is cool where you are.

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