Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Back to sketching

Trying to draw at least a sketch a day, sometimes it works out and sometimes I've just got too many other commitments like last night. Boy scouts takes up a lot of my time, but my boys really do seem to enjoy it. Have to research some ways to make invisible ink for our next meeting, and show some sign language.

The next tour I want to do is the animal shelter as we have been working on that loop and pin set. Border Patrol tour should be next as it will fall into place with a government tour. After that thankfully more summer activities will take over. But those are out there and shouldn't make me too manic! But the last few months of the school year always seems to go a lot faster than I want it to anyway.

This was done on Monday, I want to draw some more skulls as this was actually very calming and made me feel pretty good about my drawing skills for once. And that doesn't happen very often. Should be able to sketch out something new tonight after I get some cleaning done. Its amazing how quickly this house gets torn apart but I am cleaning up after 5 people. Myself and 4 boys. I live in a freaking frat house I tell ya.

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