Sunday, April 7, 2013

Epic Pokémon cross stitch of epicness


013 So this is the start of the Gen. III Pokémon cross stitch that can be found on by the ever so talented user Servotron. The only one that I know of that has been completed would be the Gen. I version. However I do want to do that one as well as my love of Pokémon is great but sadly my room and ability to collect them is low. So crafting something this epic that can be framed and put up for all to enjoy satisfies my needs greatly in the nerdy thing of the week category.

I will try to take photos daily, or when I work on it as I cannot claim that I will work on it every single day. I do have to tell you that while I know how to cross stitch I have never really done anything past a simple sampler here or there. This is epic, this is crazy, and this might be a little big of madness mixed in. I am having fun with it though, and it is nice to sit and do something like this in my down time instead of watching my kids fight about who is breathing loudest. So wish me luck! I think I might need it this time.


While we are on the subject of how nerdy I am I should let you know that my checkbook is more awesome than yours. My husband, and sometimes me, are taking up leatherwork. I say sometimes me because I don’t do it really as often as he does, and my work speaks volumes about that. This is something he made for me, and I love it to bits. It’s Book from Hocus Pocus in case you couldn’t figure it out. I hope you’ve seen the movie and if you haven’t you really need to!

I’m just going to leave this as a craft update, and get you up to date with the family in my next post. Maybe I’ll do crafting Sundays…..maybe I won’t. We will see.

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