Friday, July 25, 2014


I need to lead off by saying that I DO have a dog that I love dearly. However in April I was attacked by a dog, a blue healer in fact and other than my dog right now I hate them all.

Mainly because it is July and my leg still isn't 100% better. On antibodies now in order to see if somehow an infection has formed inside my healed leg. Or if that doesn't work in ten days I get to figure out if I have muscle damage. YAY!

On the left is how most people see dogs. Cute, cuddle monsters that would never hurt anyone. On the right is how I see dog right now. Angry, hostile teeth mashing machines. Will I get to a middle ground? Only my therapist knows!

Until then, I've just decided that all dogs suck and I always knew I was a cat person.

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