Tuesday, December 31, 2013

No offense if you are a great cook and have the bucks to shell out

The one object that will change my life!!!!
So okay it's not a Kitchenaid fancy mixer, but it is a stand mixer that I can take off the stand. I'm not even sure that other one can do that. I also have multiple attachments the normal 2 that you always beg mom to lick after the whatever is mixed together. A whisk attachment for whisking I am sure. And I also have some weird looking hook things which I have been told are used to make dough or something. Personally the only reason I got this is because I keep reading all over the internet how the Kitchenaid mixer changed girls lives when they bought one. So I figure since I'm not a good cook or one that really even likes cooking this should be more than enough. But just like losing my virginity I don't feel amazing or like I am suddenly super mom or cook. In fact other than cake or like normal things I 'm not even sure what I am going to use these for. But I guess I will end up doing something, I'm sure I'll find something.

So these are all the things that I got with the mixer. Guess I'll have to cook up some things and show you guys if this actually makes a difference or if I am going to curl up in a ball wishing I had bought a 200 dollar mixer instead of a 20 dollar one. I figure since I've just been using my own mixers God gave me since I was little I'm going to appreciate this 20 dollar upgrade. 

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