Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mom interrupted

So this is me, well my face actually what is below my face I like to keep to myself thank you very much. But it and various other things are going to be a part of this blog or as I want to see it my journey. I want very much for people to join me along the way, but if it is just me at first I am okay with that to. After all this is a journey that I am pretty much doing in reverse. I'm going to turn the big 30 this year, I know not really a big deal to most people but at this time most are starting a family or at least trying to. I have three kids already the oldest one being 8 going on 16. So instead of trying to find my true self I've been a mother. Would I change the way things were/are? Never. I have become a better person because of my kids, and it is because of them that I have started on my journey.

A big part coming up is going to be weight loss. I'm carrying around about 50 extra or so pounds that I would very much like to drop. I need to be able to be in shape, not rail thing skinny, just in shape and feeling better about myself. This will help me be a better mother.

My house is a clutter disaster, it needs to be said that I hail from 2 generations of hoarders that I am aware of and I can so easily follow in that path. I really don't want to, so I need to get rid of the junk that does nothing to improve my mind or my focus. This will help me be a better mother.

I also have Panic Disorder with agoraphobia on top because the panic disorder clearly wasn't enough right? I am taking medications more regularly and going to see someone about coping strategies. This will help me be a better mother.

Do you see a theme developing here? This blog will at times be funny, sad, or really anything that happens in my journey. You will see why I have the Otaku title, and it doesn't just apply to anime either? When I fan over something I fan over it hard, it's just how I roll. So yes, hello to you if you are reading lets start this journey together!

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